New energy super capacitor components cylindrical shell

Current size:Φ32 & Φ43 & Φ60
Material: AL1060、 AL3003、 AL6061
Structure: designed according to customers'  requriments


Aluminum power capacitor shell, high-quality super capacitor shell
The capacitor adopts a sealed aluminum shell and has a safe explosion-proof device.
Use high-quality materials and a wide temperature range.
Good capacitance stability.



As a famous China aluminium cold extrusions manufacturers and lithium battery factory, Zhejiang Zhongze Electric Co., Ltd is the first domestic manufacturer of New energy super capacitor components cylindrical shellcapacitor aluminum shell, fuel filter shell and fuel pump aluminum shell.we are also the first manufacturer of capacitor core rod and 2.5 series capacitor shell in China.The company has a professional technical team, has dozens of patents, and cooperates with auto parts, capacitor parts, new energy batteries & capacitors, aluminum packaging products and other industries, providing high quality services for customers, with advanced technology, excellent design, superb product quality.
Our company's logo is based on the Z5 culture of the company . It can be divided into five areas: total quality, continuous innovation, lean production, supply chain and individual participation. The company currently has a modern standard factory building of 17,000 square meters, a more than 1000 square meters mold design and processing workshop, three German imported 500 tons of HERLAN punching machines, and semi-automatic, fully automatic machining production line and fully automatic cleaning production line.
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