Where is the oil filter installed?

Summary:The installation position of the installation oil filter in the hydraulic system...

The installation position of the installation oil filter in the hydraulic system usually has the following types:

(1) To be installed at the suction port of the pump:
The surface oil filter is generally installed on the suction line of the pump. The purpose is to filter out large foreign particles to protect the hydraulic pump. In addition, the filter capacity of the oil filter should be more than twice the pump flow rate, and the pressure loss is less than 0.02MPa.

(2) Installed on the oil outlet of the pump:
The purpose of installing the oil filter here is to filter out contaminants that may invade components such as valves. The filtering accuracy should be 10 ~ 15μm, and can withstand the working pressure and impact pressure on the oil line, the pressure drop should be less than 0.35MPa. At the same time, a safety valve should be installed to prevent the oil filter from clogging.

(3) Installed on the oil return line of the system: this installation plays an indirect filtering role. Generally, a back pressure valve is installed in parallel with the filter. When the filter is blocked and reaches a certain pressure value, the back pressure valve opens.

(4) Installed on the system branch oil circuit.

(5) Separate filtration system: large hydraulic system can be equipped with a hydraulic pump and oil filter to form an independent filtration circuit.