What are the quality requirements for aluminum housing materials for power capacitors?

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Quality requirements of aluminum housing materials for power capacitors
In recent years, the use of aluminum products in our lives has become more and more extensive, so from this we can also see that aluminum products have brought great help to our lives and brought them to the market. A lot of pressure, but this is also a disguised promotion of the sale of aluminum products. Next, let’s take a brief look at the quality requirements of the aluminum housing materials for power capacitors and see what needs to be paid attention to when selecting materials Well, I hope you will like our next introduction, let us know more about it next.
Capacitor case with perforated bottom
First of all, the production quality standards require very strict requirements for the material by the can factory, which not only requires good internal quality, optimized chemical composition, low air and slag content, but also requires good deep drawing performance and low earmaking rate. , At the same time, it requires small thickness tolerance, good plate shape and good surface quality.
Secondly, in order to obtain high-quality billets, all processes from the beginning of casting to hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing should be strictly controlled. In order to prevent inclusions above 20 to 30p.m during casting, the melt must be filtered with a ceramic tube filter.
Finally, in order to prevent the formation of coarse compounds, the amount of refiner added must be controlled in the optimal range. The production of tank material must adopt hot rolling for billet, preferably hot continuous rolling. Aluminum products are products that we can often come into contact with. They are also very safe and popular with people. Of course, when buying aluminum products, we must pay attention to the quality standards of the inspection rate.