What are the relevant introductions about generator filters?

Summary:Generator set air filter: It is mainly an air intake device that filters the par...
Generator set air filter: It is mainly an air intake device that filters the particles and impurities in the air inhaled when the piston generator set is working. It consists of a filter element and a shell. The main requirements of the air filter are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and continuous use for a long time without maintenance. When the generator set is working, if the inhaled air contains dust and other impurities, it will aggravate the wear of the parts, so an air filter must be installed.

There are 3 ways of air filtration: inertia type, filter type and oil bath type:

Inertial type: Since the density of particles and impurities is higher than that of air, when the particles and impurities rotate with the air or make sharp turns, the centrifugal inertial force can separate the impurities from the airflow.

Filter type: guide the air to flow through a metal filter screen or filter paper, etc., to block particles and impurities and adhere to the filter element.

Oil bath type: There is an oil pan at the bottom of the air filter, which uses the airflow to impact the oil quickly, separates particles and impurities and sticks in the oil, and the agitated oil mist droplets flow through the filter element with the airflow and adhere to the oil. on the filter element. When the air flows through the filter element, it can further absorb impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.

The replacement cycle of the air filter of the generator set: the common generator set is replaced every 500 hours of operation; the standby generator set is replaced once every 300 hours or 6 months. When the generator set is usually maintained, it can be removed and blown with an air gun, or the replacement cycle can be extended by 200 hours or three months.
Filtration requirements for filters: Filters produced by genuine factories are required, but they may not be big brands, but fake and shoddy ones must not be used.