In 2019, China's power battery structural parts market will reach 1.8 billion yuan

Summary:The value of bicycle structural parts for electric vehicles is about 1,500 yuan....

The value of bicycle structural parts for electric vehicles is about 1,500 yuan. We estimate that the market size will increase from 120 million yuan in 2014 to 1.8 billion yuan in 2019, with an average annual CAGR of 73%.


The lithium battery is composed of a positive electrode material, a negative electrode material, a separator, an electrolyte and a precision structural member, and the precision structural member is mainly an aluminum/steel shell, a cover plate, a connecting piece, etc., and is one of the main components of the lithium battery. Its demand will also break out with the explosion of electric vehicles.


The price of power battery structural components is tens or even hundreds of times that of conventional portable battery structural components. The precision structure of the power battery determines the heat dissipation, safety, airtightness and energy efficiency of the battery. Unlike the traditional portable lithium battery structural components, the precision structural parts of the power lithium battery need to meet the technical standards of some automotive structural parts. Power battery structural components require suppliers to have four technologies: safety technology, welding technology, battery connection technology and efficient production technology.


Four core technologies for power battery structural parts suppliers


Safety technology: Due to high power and high current, the explosion-proof design of power lithium battery is the most important factor related to product quality and safety. Structural parts suppliers need to properly set up safety valves to manage the flow of the battery when it is depressurized and to power off before the pressure is released.


Welding technology: The material, welding process and precision of the solder joint of the precision structure of the lithium battery directly affect the conductivity, service life and even safety of the battery.


Battery connection technology: A power lithium battery system is usually formed by a plurality of battery strings connected in parallel. Conventional rigid metal material connections may result in increased contact resistance between the cells due to vehicle vibration.


Efficient production technology: Power battery precision structural parts have high requirements on precision, flexible automatic production equipment can guarantee faster order response speed, higher production efficiency, product consistency and stability, reduce manufacturing costs and improve Productivity.


According to China Industrial Information Network's "2015-2020 China Automotive Power Battery Market Operation Situation and Investment Prospect Analysis Report", the value of bicycle structural parts for electric vehicles is about 1,500 yuan. We estimate that the market size will be from 2014. The rapid growth of 120 million yuan to 1.8 billion yuan in 2019, the average annual growth rate of CAGR is 73%.


The above sources: China Industry Information Network