How to judge whether the gasoline filter is clogged?

Summary: The function of the gasoline filter is to filter gasoline, and all gasoline tha...
The function of the gasoline filter is to filter gasoline, and all gasoline that enters the engine must pass through the gasoline filter. If it is blocked, the fuel supply will be insufficient, and the car will run weakly. If the oil supply is severely blocked, the car will not catch fire.



Let me share with you a few symptoms of fuel filter clogging:
Gasoline pump filter blockage, gasoline filter blockage, and varying degrees of blockage of the fuel injector will also cause insufficient fuel supply. In addition, the filter screen on the fuel pressure regulator is clogged, resulting in poor fuel return, which will cause the fuel system pressure to be too high, resulting in an over-rich mixture. The mixture is too thin and too rich will lead to insufficient engine power and cause towering
The mixture is too lean: If the towering phenomenon is not felt on flat roads or to a lesser degree during driving, and it feels obvious or heavier when going uphill, it can be judged that the mixture is too lean.
The mixture is too thick: If the vehicle feels acceleration is slow when refueling, the vehicle is towering in severe cases, and the vehicle feels strong after refueling, this phenomenon is generally caused by the excessive concentration of the mixture.


Treatment method:
First, make a preliminary analysis to determine whether the towering phenomenon is caused by a fuel system problem. If it is determined that the fuel supply system is a problem, the pressure of the fuel supply system and the pressure of the gasoline pump should be measured.
Connect the fuel pressure gauge with a tee on the fuel line between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel injector, install the air filter, start the engine, and test the engine's fuel supply system under idling, medium load and heavy load conditions Stress. Then change the throttle opening. The readings displayed by the fuel pressure gauge should change with the throttle opening, that is, the pressure value increases as the throttle opening increases; and with the throttle opening.


Judgment of Clogged Gasoline Filter
Filters mostly use paper filter elements and are closed with a hard plastic shell. The internal oil level can be observed from the outside, so by observing the rise of the oil level, it can be judged whether the filter is clogged. If the filter adopts a metal casing, the oil pipe should be removed, and the oil supply amount of the pump should be used to check whether the filter is blocked. You can also remove the filter and use a mouth to blow from the oil inlet pipe joint port on the side of the fuel tank to check: if you do not vent completely or blow hard when you blow, it means that the filter is clogged
Practice has proved that when the car travels 8000-12000km, the speed drops, and the maximum speed can only reach 60-70km/h, and the engine is not running smoothly. The reason is that the filter element of the gasoline filter is blocked. Therefore, if you find that the car is weak, you should check the gasoline filter in time and replace it with a new one according to the original factory regulations.