What are the formation and quality functions of aluminum electrolytic capacitors?

Summary:The formation and quality function of aluminum electrolytic capacitorAn aluminum...
The formation and quality function of aluminum electrolytic capacitor
An aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a container made of aluminum, and a core wound with a layer of paper sandwiched between the positive and negative electrodes is packed into the container. The role of electrolytic capacitors is to store charge. It is an indispensable component in modern electronic circuits, and it occupies a very important position in electronic circuits.
Capacitor case with slot
No matter how the times develop, there is no component that can replace it so far. Its quality is directly related to the development of the country, and directly affects about 40% of the components of China's electronic products in the future, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors account for 30%.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the characteristics of small size and large capacity, so the stored charge per unit area is also the largest and also has the characteristics of low cost advantage. In the past, the highest voltage of high-frequency electrolytic capacitors was 450V.