Routine maintenance of electric fuel pump

Summary:(1) The internal parts of the electric fuel pump (such as the plunger and cylind...

(1) The internal parts of the electric fuel pump (such as the plunger and cylinder of the roller fuel pump) cooperate very precisely, so the key to prolonging the service life of the fuel pump is to keep the fuel highly clean, and clean it regularly according to the requirements of use and maintenance Filters everywhere (note that they cannot be cleaned with a cloth with fiber) to prevent the fuel pump from being stuck by impurities or causing early wear.

(2) For the built-in electric fuel pump, it is forbidden to start the engine forcibly when the fuel tank is short of fuel. Take the fuel pump out of the fuel tank for testing. The time for each power-on cannot exceed 6s, because the cooling time without gasoline is too long, and it is easy to cause the fuel pump motor winding to burn out.

(3) Since the electric fuel pump is an integrally packaged type, it is a non-repairable part. If damage occurs, the fuel pump of the same model should be replaced. If the model of the replacement fuel pump is different, the performance of the fuel pump may be abnormal because the pump oil pressure cannot meet the original requirements.