Overview of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Summary:A capacitor is an energy storage element used in circuits for tuning, filtering,...

A capacitor is an energy storage element used in circuits for tuning, filtering, coupling, bypassing, energy conversion, and time delay. Capacitors are often called capacitors. According to its structure, it can be divided into three types: fixed capacitor, semi-variable capacitor, and variable capacitor.
It is a general-purpose electrolytic capacitor made of aluminum with good electrical properties, wide application range and high reliability. Guoyou brand-name products. Developed and produced by China Zhenhua Group Xinyun Equipment Factory. The annual production capacity is 1 billion. The products have 30 models and thousands of specifications, and are widely used in air conditioners, radio cassette recorders, washing machines, telecommunications and other household appliances, as well as supporting electronic complete machines, instruments and meters.
It is a capacitor made of an aluminum cylinder as a negative electrode, which contains a liquid electrolyte, and a bent aluminum strip inserted as a positive electrode, which is called an aluminum electrolytic capacitor.
Its core is formed by overlapping windings of anode aluminum foil, pad paper impregnated with electrolyte, cathode aluminum foil, natural oxide film, etc. After the core is impregnated with electrolyte, it is sealed with an aluminum shell and a plastic cap to form an electrolysis. Capacitor. Generally, there is a plastic sleeve on the aluminum case of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The color of the sleeve is colorful, it is not only beautiful, but also has a specific meaning.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are characterized by large capacity, but large leakage, large error, and poor stability. They are often used as AC bypass and filtering, and also used for signal coupling when the requirements are not high. Electrolytic capacitors are divided into positive and negative poles.