How to maintain and maintain the gas filter?

Summary:1. Daily maintenance and maintenance1) Always keep all surfaces clean.2) When th...
1. Daily maintenance and maintenance
1) Always keep all surfaces clean.
2) When the equipment is stopped, all rotations of the quick opening blind plate (flange cover) should be lubricated in time according to the regulations, and the lead screws at the opening and closing positions should be coated with lubricating grease. Apply lubricating grease to other parts as much as possible. For parts that cannot be coated with lubricating grease, 10# or 20# engine oil can be injected.
2. Maintenance and maintenance during operation
1) It is recommended that the operator be responsible for the usual maintenance of the equipment.
2) Always keep the surface of the equipment clean.
3) Monitor the reading of the differential pressure gauge at any time. When the pressure difference reaches 0.O2Mpa, the filter element should be flushed.
3. Inspection cycle
1) The periodic inspection of this equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant regulations in Chapter 6 of the "Capacity Regulations".
2) At least once a year, the equipment shall be fully inspected, the wall thickness of the equipment shall be measured, and the pressure welds of the equipment shall be non-destructively tested every two years. All inspection and test results should be recorded in the technical file of the equipment.
3) When there is pressure inside the equipment. No repairs are allowed. For repairs under special circumstances. Must strictly abide by the provisions of Article 122 of the "Rong Regulations".
4. Maintenance during long-term parking
1) When the equipment is parked for a long time. The liquid in the equipment should be drained.
2) Close all valves.
3) Thoroughly clean the surface of the equipment.
4) All rotating parts are coated with anti-grease.
5) Cover all the devices with canvas to prevent dust and dirt from depositing on the surface of the equipment.