The future of electric car battery anxiety in the end run far?

Summary:Electric cars and a big news. Tesla a cheap car, mileage increases.     Starting...
Electric cars and a big news. Tesla a cheap car, mileage increases.
Starting price of $ 35,000, can travel 344 kilometers on a single charge. Such electric vehicles are ordinary consumers are more able to accept.
Broad prospects for development of electric cars into the homes of ordinary people the delay, the biggest constraint on the one hand is the price high above, on the one hand is a bad battery life.
At present, people want the "ultimate battery" can solve the electric car endurance bad problems, thus contributing to a substantial price reduction of electric vehicles. However, the legendary "Ultimate Battery" still need more time to launch? The future of electric cars in the end can run far?
Filling slowly, run far - restricting development of electric vehicles curse
Electric vehicles slow charging time 6-8 hours, not be able to find a suitable power source. Fast charge time, a half hour, but only 80% full.
Filling slowly, run far, almost as a constraint to the development of electric vehicles curse.
"I have a battery anxiety." Wang Qiang, who lives in Beijing Shijingshan quipped, "electric cars to go out did not take long, I have not reckoned'll drive it home, there is no charge near the pile."
He bought a new electric car charging pile on fast charge a half hour later, mileage up to 160 kilometers, compared with conventional gasoline cars is still lagging behind. Even fast charge, and sometimes also in charge pile next to wait in line a long time.
Buy electric cars, battery anxiety disorders how to solve?
People first thought is to increase the charging facility. In October last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board, the Ministry of Industry and the Department of Housing and jointly issued the "electric vehicle charging infrastructure development Guidelines (2015-2020)", clearly new centralized filling station more than 12,000, distributed charging pile more than 4.8 million, to meet the country's 500 million electric vehicle charging needs.
Increase the charging facility does not solve the electric vehicle charging problem a long time. Improved performance of electric vehicles, the battery will eventually have to rely on the technological revolution. Only battery life is increased, the electric car in order to show gasoline incomparable advantage to.
"Electric vehicles will need to run away the battery has a high energy density, fast charging will need to be high power density." Chief scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences' long-life lithium battery power, "said Wang Li project to improve the energy density of batteries for electric vehicles to He said to have great significance.
He cited a domestic enterprise of electric vehicles with lithium batteries as an example, said:. "Now (lithium battery) energy density of about 180 watts per kilogram, mileage, about 200 km coming years, the industry aims to increase to 300-400 watts per kg, when coupled with a corresponding improvement measures (battery) mileage can reach 470 and 628 kilometers, and can be comparable to the gasoline vehicles. "
Foton Vice President Chen Xiaojiang passenger design is expected around 2018, the world's leading manufacturers of electric vehicles will be launched 400-500 km endurance electric cars. By then, the battery performance will be significantly improved, the price of electric cars will drop substantially.
German car company Audi last year announced plans to mass production in 2018 its first electric car, mileage up to 500 kilometers.
2018, may be worth the wait.
Run away, fast charge - which battery technology to stand out
According to experts, the future development of battery technology probably go through three stages, the first is the third generation of lithium-ion batteries, followed by solid-state lithium batteries, the ultimate goal may be a solid-state lithium-air batteries.
In all types of battery, the lithium battery is always in the lead, according to the different materials can be divided into many types of lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel oxide and the like. Continuous improvement of these materials can continue to improve battery performance. Xiaojiang said that compared with lithium iron phosphate, lithium Ternary has a large room for improvement.
Now more concern is the lithium-air battery, countries are competing for research. Lithium-air battery is referred to as "the ultimate battery," which lithium metal as the anode, a conductive carbon material is a positive electrode, a negative electrode departure from lithium-ion reaction with oxygen in the air discharge. Calculated from the theory, the energy density of the battery is the most of all lithium batteries.
The end of October last year, Liu Tao and other scientists at Cambridge University in the journal "Science" reports that the energy developed a lithium-air battery when the model density of about 3000 watts per kilogram, 10 times more than the existing high-performance lithium battery . This result also named Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician selected the "2015 world's top ten scientific and technological progress."
Xiaojiang said lithium-air battery technology, once mature, it is possible to change people's concept of charging. When the battery is low, people only need to replace the electrode material, no longer needs to be charged, but does not require a long wait.
This technique is far away from us in the end? US Argonne scientist Lu Jun said: "The basic research of lithium-air battery progressed very quickly, but lithium-air batteries are not to commercialize stage I guess, it's commercial needs 5-10 years time."
There are companies in the field of power battery another way. Toyota Motor Corporation developed a new type of car MIRAI run away during the test, charge quickly, it is equipped with a new type of fuel cell. This battery hydrogen as fuel, fill a jar of hydrogen in just 3 minutes, mileage up to 650 kilometers. Since the production of hydrogen and hydrogen refueling station construction difficult, high cost, this technology is not yet universal.
"In the future commercialization of lithium-air battery, the battery technology does not mean that there is no other market," Liu Tao told reporters that "in the end what kind of battery technology first apart from the competition, we'll see."
Opportunity, Guidance Strong - Chinese cell research may have occupied first position
New energy automobile industry in the new economy is an iconic industry. Many countries and companies want occupied the commanding heights of industry. Germany plans to 2050 a total ban on production of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Toyota also said it would launch in 2050 to stop petrol and diesel vehicles.
Many Chinese automakers are also planning new energy vehicles in 2025 accounted for up to 80%. "Do electric cars, likened to traditional fuel vehicles to big opportunities." Minister Foton new energy technology center Liu Li River Systems Development Department said.
Electric vehicle battery power, especially the attention of States to determine the direct experience of the consumer, and how industrial countries occupied the commanding heights. In China, the battery anxiety, open electric cars can not travel and other issues, by the government, the research community, enterprises unprecedented attention.
Chinese government to develop a "Made in China 2025" plan, there are many content related to the battery, electric vehicle battery power system, the material aspects of the new system battery technology have made specific index requirements. States also new energy automotive industry guidance and support, greatly contributed to the popularization of new energy vehicles and battery research and development.
February 24 this year, Premier Li presided over the State Council executive meeting, also identified further measures to support the new energy automotive industry. In the five measures proposed in the meeting, the first is to accelerate the realization of a revolutionary breakthrough in battery power: "to promote medium and small enterprises, universities and research institutes to form collaborative research, open sharing of power battery innovation platform in key materials, battery common systems, centralized force on the basis of technology research and development. "
Battery revolution of worldwide competition, Chinese researchers have rushed to the forefront of the world's determination. "We want to fight for breath, with China and the Chinese materials and equipment to make high levels of batteries." Said Li Hong, Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the strategic pilot projects, study how the lithium-air battery electrolyte change from liquid to solid state , resulting in a more efficient and secure "ultimate battery."
In the future new energy revolution, the battery will be an important boost power. "China is in a very good position in this respect, the future may lead to do," Li Wang said.
According to Li Hong introduction, from basic research to industry chain, China is showing a trend of full-force: the field of lithium batteries internationally recognized SCI papers included in the database, the number of Chinese papers accounted for 47% of the total global overwhelmingly topped first; China has the whole industry chain, namely in the lithium battery industry a material almost no need to rely on imports. Some companies have mastered the world's leading high-energy density lithium-ion battery technology and battery for domestic and foreign manufacturers.
In the battery field, the enthusiasm of enterprises is also important. "Our battery R & D team has more than 1,000 people, almost all of us in the development of battery technology," President Wang said BYD Company Limited.
In February, the US Department of Transportation greater Los Angeles area Antelope Valley announced that the company will provide 85 BYD pure electric bus, help build the nation's Antelope Valley's first all-electric vehicle public transport system. For Wang, this means that the US transit industry has recognized the BYD battery technology and electric vehicle technology of China.
Rapid market development, policy support, as well as basic research breakthroughs businesses to invest, to bring new energy vehicle development of the spring, and the development of new energy vehicles also brings power battery spring. We look forward to spring hard to bear the fruits of summer, we look forward to a final settlement of the ultimate battery electric vehicle mileage of short questions.
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