Cold extrusion

Update:12 Oct 2019

Cold extrusion is to place the metal blank in a cold ex […]

Cold extrusion is to place the metal blank in a cold extrusion cavity, and at room temperature, apply pressure to the blank through a fixed punch on the press to plastically deform the metal blank to produce a part processing method. At present, China has been able to cold-extrude metals such as lead, tin, aluminum, copper, zinc and their alloys, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, tool steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel, even for bearing steel and high carbon.

Aluminum alloy tool steel, high speed steel, etc. can also be cold extruded with a certain amount of deformation. In terms of extrusion equipment, China has the ability to design and manufacture tonnage extrusion presses at all levels. In addition to the use of general mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, and cold extrusion presses, it has also successfully used cold presses with friction presses and high-speed high-energy equipment.